St Johns Children (SJC) is committed to improving the quality of life for orphaned children in impoverished countries by helping to provide for their physical, educational and medical needs while they are living in orphanages.


Our Canadian ambassadors visited Zmiiv & two new centers last month in Kharkiv.  St. John’s Children Program goal is to provide aid to the Kharkiv Boarding School (orphanage) and the Community Centre for underprivileged kids, run by Oleg Abornyev. As opportunities arise we hope to be able through your generous donations begin funding projects to improve the quality of life for the Ukraine children. You can learn more about Oleg’s work here.



Our program promotes 100% volunteerism. We pay no salaries and we keep our administration costs at less than 15%. This means at minimum, 85% of your donation goes directly to helping the orphans. Donations of $20.00 and over are eligible for a tax receipt.


If you are considering helping we have plenty of opportunities where you can join in for a work bee to help with sorting, packing & readying boxes for shipping; shopping for essentials and gifts; coordinating and hosting a fundraising event; actively solicit funds on our behalf to support programming; organizing a drive to collect or fund a variety of required items.