Sanatoriums – Summer Snack Feeding Program 

Each summer break from June 1st – August 20th, the children are sent to Sanatoriums in a nearby city. They are split amongst three sanatoriums by age and related health issues. The meager budget allowed for feeding the children is significantly less than $2.00 CAD per day, which leaves little room for proteins, dairy products or regular servings of fruit.

In 2015, we implemented a sanatorium snack feeding program for eight weeks during the summer. The feeding program consisted of protein packs shipped from Canada supplemented with fresh fruits, vegetables, buns, cereal, and juice.

We hope to continue this initiative for subsequent summer stays by finding a volunteer Coordinator willing to facilitate this much-needed program.


Medicine/Hygiene/Dental Program 

We fund purchases in Ukraine, for over the counter medications, respiratory inhalers, prescriptions, cleaning products, toiletries, school supplies, and water filters.

We fund emergency and non-emergency transportation to medical appointments and hospitals, as well as treatments for cross-eyed conditions (strabismus).

We source and fund from Canada, incontinence pads, and flannel fabric. Donations of unused diapers, incontinence pads, mattress sheets (cribs and twin beds) are valued and welcomed for ages four to adult.

Our long-term goal is to provide non-emergency dental care for all the orphans. Currently, the government funds emergency care.  No proactive oral hygiene is supported.