St. John’s Children first fundraiser was extremely successful! 

Our team:


St. John’s Children Program hosted their first fundraising event in December of 2017. The goal was to collect 80 sets of pajamas for children at Zaluchchya orphanage in Ukraine. As word spread and by the good works of an amazing team of 23 volunteers and their team leads, the program gathered a total of 275 pairs of pajamas by the end of the St. Nicholas event.  As a result, we were able to donate pajamas to Zmiiv orphanage as well. Grateful thanks to all of our donors & volunteers for making this event a success!


Ridna Shkola and St Matthews Schools collected over 100 pairs of pajamas for Zaluchchia Orphanage.

Orphan fundraising

St. Herman’s Sunday School children collected 38 pairs of pajamas and also made Christmas cards for the orphans of Zaluchchia.

Funds are always needed.

If you are interested in coordinating or hosting a fundraising event (bake sale, silent auction, bottle drive, GALA, collecting donations in lieu of party gifts or at a social gathering, caroling) we would love to hear from you!

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If you would like to actively solicit funds on our behalf by organizing drives for items such as: footwear & clothing, OR black loose tea & slow cook oatmeal OR underwear & socks,  OR crafting items such as greeting cards covers, remnant yarns, and ribbons, contact SJC directly at [email protected]