St John’s Children is a non-profit program which partners with St John’s Institute in Edmonton, Alberta. We currently support two orphanages in Ukraine by helping to provide for the daily needs of the orphans in each orphanage.


Our Mission

St Johns Children (SJC) is committed to improving the quality of life for orphaned children in impoverished countries by helping to provide for their physical, educational and medical needs while they are living in orphanages.




Located in the city of Zmiiv in the Kharkiv Oblast region of Ukraine, this orphanage is home to just under 50 school aged children ranging from six to 16 years of age.

We are focusing our efforts on meeting the daily needs of this group of children. Services and items we take for granted such as transportation to a medical facility, prescription medications, clean and palatable drinking water, toiletries & feminine hygiene products, over-the-counter medicines, cleaning products, clothing, footwear, socks, slippers and underwear are difficult to obtain. We help ease the burden by annually funding high speed internet, school curriculum books, and school supplies. We also provide Holiday gifts and occasional excursions for extracurricular activities like the circus.

Future Plans for Zmiiv

We hope to expand our programming to include: an upgrade of the building’s heating system, the hiring of a full time art teacher, the opportunity for the children to experience summer camp, and providing medical and dental treatment. One of our long-term goals is to partner with an agency in Ukraine to provide transitional living and life skills support for the children who “age out” of the system and no longer qualify for government support.

We can make these things happen with your support! 



Located in the city of Zaluchchia-Dolishne, in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast region of Ukraine, this orphanage is home to 135 severely disabled orphans ranging in age from four to 35 years, with at least 80 individuals who are completely bedridden.

Zalucchya 2

Zaluchchia orphanage is home to individuals with special needs.   All individuals residing there have intellectual disabilities and/or psychological disorders. Most of them are physically handicapped, and cannot move independently or take care of themselves.


Our partnership with this orphanage began March 2016 and we hope to provide support with most needed items such as clothing for those aged four and up. Diapers and flannel fabric for blankets is always required.  On average, the orphanage uses approximately 9,000 diapers per month. Waterproof mattress covers, sheets, and incontinence pads, need frequent replacement since they wear out so quickly with daily washing.

Zalucchya 3